ARC Standards

Please note: The ARC form still needs to be completed and approved before painting.

  ARC Charter
ARC Form - Accessory Structure: Screen Enclosure, Patio, Shed
ARC Form - Birdbath Fountain Decorations
ARC Form - Driveway Pavers
ARC Form - Fencing
ARC Form - Flagpole, Satellite Dish
ARC Form - House Paint, Gutters
ARC Form - Irrigation Well Gas Tank Generator
ARC Form - New Addition
ARC Form - Other
ARC Form - Play Structure, Trampoline
ARC Form - Pool
ARC Form - Roof
ARC Form - Tree Removal and Replacement
ARC Form - Windows
ARC Real Estate Sign Depiction
ARC Roster 2019
ARC Rules & Regulations
Fence Standards
Mail-Box Specifications
Sherwin Williams Guide to Lasting Exterior Appeal
South Hampton Florida Friendly Guidelines
South Hampton Landscape Standards and Criteria
South Hampton Pre-Approved Painting Color
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