Security Patrol

Why are all the cops around?  The South Hampton HOA and the Sheriff’s Office has entered into an agreement for the S.O. to provide patrol services in your neighborhood in place of the Security Patrol you have had in the past.  The benefit residents will enjoy from this is the added presence and reduced response time from the Sheriff’s Office.  You will see both marked and unmarked cars driving through the neighborhood on rotating shifts during various times of the day.  if you have an issue that needs to be addressed you will call the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number 904-824-8304 to have the Deputy working in your neighborhood respond or 911 if it applies (emergencies only).  While the units will not be in the neighborhood 24 / 7, the shifts have been designed to target time frames where the presence is believed to be most beneficial.  These times include:
  • Early morning hours for traffic safety, patrol, and to monitor the bus stops
  • Afternoon hours for traffic safety, patrol, and to monitor the bus stops
  • Evening hours for traffic safety and to monitor activity in the neighborhood
  • Late evening hours to seek out criminal elements (car burglaries, drunk drivers, vandalism. etc)
The Sheriff’s Office is excited to have the opportunity to work with your community to enhance the safety and appeal of your neighborhood and to assist in making South Hampton a desirable community to reside in.
Please do your part to enhance the safety of the neighborhood:
  • Obey the speed limit, all roads are 25 MPH under optimal conditions, hazards such as pedestrians, bicyclists, parked cars, rain, or other conditions requires a driver to adjust their speed to account for the hazard
  • Focus on your driving habits
  • Wear light colored or reflective clothing at night when you walk or jog in the neighborhood
  • Use a light on your bicycle at night (required by law)
  • Lock your car, garage and home, thieves look for easy targets.
  • Report suspicious persons, vehicles, or incidents to the Sheriff’s Office ASAP
  • Look out for your neighbors and ask them to look out for you
  • Be mindful of others property and treat your community / community property with respect
  • Talk with your children about their activities in the neighborhood and beyond
As always you can reach me by email at etolbert@sjso.org or on my cell phone at 904-669-6467 if there is a pressing issue.
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